013 : Stressful White Papers

Wednesday, 31st August

"Are you afraid of exams?"
"Do you wriggle at the thought of it?"
"Are you having butterflies in your tummy?"

Lines taken from SM SFX Choral Speaking Team's script

Life as a student can never be separated from this big event called 'examination'. It's the 'season' when almost all students will have at least a small different in their attitudes. The lazybones who never interested in reading would strive hard to read the whole book in just one night. The sleepyheads who keep on yawning while reading would rather stay up to finish the syllabus. Why examination is so stressful?

During exams, candidates are gathered in a big hall or classroom, sitting, almost feel like alone where another person would sit about a least 2ft away from the other person. No sounds should be made. No voice should be heard, only the invigilators'. Visibly, it would only be you and your brain.

You are given at least a sheet of question paper. White sheet of paper. Creepier, sheets of paper; a question booklet with more than twenty pages or not less than 10 questions. *Thinking of this makes my brain tired.
The questions might request answers that you know. This sounds easy. But, they could also be something that when you read you'll go like, "How can they think of this question?" or "Is this even in the syllabus?". Besides, examination is also a battle with time. We have to answer all questions in a period of time. This what presses us actually in addition to the level of difficulty of the questions.

To reduce the stress, be well prepared! Study consistently. Read at least a chapter or a topic a day for all subjects. With this, insyaAllah, we'll manage to cover everything before exams. :)
Practice 'read and understand' instead of 'read and memorize' for subjects which require us to understand concepts like Chemistry, Biology, Physics and etc. Actually, almost all subjects need us to understand than to memorize.
Inside the examination hall or room, we ought to let our mind to relax by thinking of happy thoughts. Be in a happy mood. :) By trying to remembering hard on some facts would cause our mind to be distracted and this what makes us stress.
Last but not least, always remember that we are not alone. God is with us. InsyaAllah. :)
After all we've done, He will reward us. So, recite prayers and have faith! InsyaAllah, everything would run smoothly. Even when we think it's not, it will. InsyaAllah..

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