022 : White Heart of a Baby

Saturday, 31st December
Babies are cute. I dare to say 99.9% people in this world would consider baby is one beautiful creation GOD has made. Why all babies are cute? Personally, I think babies are cute because of their innocence and purity. They have no sin and are adorable. Every little thing they do will tickle our hearts. :) That's what I call the 'power of innocence'.

Last month, my cousin's wife gave birth a baby boy. I was at my aunt's in Klang when we received that happy news. I got new nephew on 7th November 2011! The baby boy was named Naufal. :)
During my visit there, I've learnt few things. One of them is to appreciate our mother. Naufal's mom said, it was not easy to give birth. She said, once we gave birth we would think twice to have another baby. This shows that our mom had gone through the ultimate pain in their life while giving birth.

But why do some moms have more than one child? It was a delectation to see someone very dear to heart grows. This was said by one of mothers in this world and her words stayed in my heart.

On 24th November 2011, another baby boy was born. No blood relation but his family is not a stranger to me. I came to know this family since I was a kid. So, his birth day was one which I've been waiting for. I'm excited to welcome this new baby and became more exhilarated as 'it' is a boy! :D
On this same date, his brother was celebrating his 18th birthday. So, Happy Belated 18th Birthday, love! Thanks for being born in my world. I was far during your birthday. There was nothing much I could do. However, I did give you present during my return, right? Hope you like it. :) But still, I'm sorry.

Lastly: Welcome to this new world, babies! 

021 : Blue Skyscraper

Saturday, 31st December

Last November, my friends of the same college and I joined a trip, managed by Biology department, to Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre, KLCC.
We went there for a Bio Exhibition. Inside the hall, there were numbers of kiosks, each under at least a canopy. They showed their new findings in Bio field, new products, new plans to upgrade life here in Malaysia and even how to prevent or defeat cancer. This cancer part made me confused and I didn't get what were they trying to explain. =,=
Inside the exhibition hall :)
They sold their products such as Bio oils, supplements and cosmetics at lower prices here than their commercial prices. That was the best part of this exhibition. So, I ended up buying a small bottle of oil which has a sweet smell, used to remove scars from our skins. It costed me RM50.00
I shared with Mira though, so each of us paid half of the price. So far, the product does it job quite well. :) It was worth it. Alhamdulillah..

The best part of the trip was we were given a chance to idling around Suria KLCC! I went for a walk with Mira at KLCC Garden instead of shopping and only bought refreshments to keep us 'alive'. So, we took several pictures. :)

My classmates and I

The last photo is the funniest! We took numerous snaps to get the peak of the twin towers! Oh. By the way, the name of the skyscraper behind us is Petronas Twin Towers. We've tried hard enough. :)