008 : Colorful Stamps

Thursday, 9th June
Hobby. I would define hobby as an activity which I am pleased to do as I find it passionate and enjoyable. Usually, one tends to 'create' its own hobby during its leisure time. :) Hurm... Okay. This entry is kinda childish but I am happy to share my passions. :) I have lots of hobbies. One of them is collecting miscellaneous stuffs - stamps, sticker, stationary and many more.

These two are my stamp albums.

So far, I only manage to fill two albums with a total of 226 stamps, more or less. I've started this hobby since I was 9 years old, if I'm not mistaken. It happened when my eyes caught a glimpse of attractive stamp pasted on the top-right edge of one envelope. Then, mom suggested me to keep it and start my collection. :)

Collecting stamps. Yeps, everyone might finds it as one boring and common hobby. I was, at first. However, after collecting those square and colorful, thin, small papers, I fell in love and it has become my passion. They have different colors and pictures which are, some, educational. I could know the scientific names of several flowers, fruits and animals. I could also learn Malaysia's cultures. :) You know, it's fun to browse around the pages of the albums.

These two are some of my favorites.

They are absolutely attractive, aren't they? <3 Have you ever watched Kampung Boy the Series? Its illustrator owns that second stamp, I mean, it's his handwork. :)
Beside local stamps, I also have a little number of collection of foreign stamps. I can't remember well from where did I get them. Some of them are from Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. :)

As you can see, it's definitely not one monotonous hobby, after all. :) So, dear friends out there, if you would like to exchange stamps with me or perhaps helping me to collect more stamps, feel free to contact me. :)

007 : Our New Yellow Residence

 Tuesday, 7th June

Ca-chan~! This is our new residence. Today, I'm going to introduce a bit about our new home. It's not about showing off. It's just about sharing this kinda excited feeling, which I'm not sure how to express, except through this medium, and perhaps, someone out there, who is reading this, will have gusto to have such home too. :) It has been our dream, especially mom, since years ago and alhamdulillah, GOD make it possible for us to complete such a mega project.

 Parents really travailed for quite half a year to get this home fully done. Thanks mom, thanks dad. Muah! :) They said, it's for our future, when we no longer can share the room, you know, marriage thingy~ XD Well, maybe it's every mother's thought. They would think further, to the future of their families. Credits to my mom for designing the blueprint. Credits to dad for his brilliant ideas of innovating things. :) And so, this is my dinky, disheveled chamber. :) It's crystal clear that I'm not done yet tidying things here.

It's pink alright. I've decided to apply the pink-and-white theme. The walls are pinkish purple, the furniture are white but as the illumination from the sunlight penetrate my pink curtain, my chamber looks as such. It's kinda boring, eh? Hmm... I slept here for the very first time on the  5th of June. As it is still new, I still do not know how to decorate it, rearrange the furniture and stuffs. Sigh. I'm telling you, moving house is not that simple. It's tiring yet fun! It's bone-aching yet enjoyable. It gathers my family to work together to get the job done. :) Things get easier, of course, when some people did help us, a lot - Uncle Herman and his pals and mine. :)

So, my friends out there, feel free to visit me here during Hari Raya~ :) Hee..