014 : White is the Colour of Freedom

Wednesday, 31st August

Malaysia, Happy Independence Day! :D

Alhamdulillah, I'm grateful to be born in this land, as a Malaysian. Today, my country has been freeing itself from the grip of imperialists for about 54 years! Congratulations, Malaysia!

As a Malaysian, we ought to maintain this achievement. We wouldn't want the colonizers to colonize our land again, would we? Hence, let us together, standing in unity, defend our country. As a student, all we can do is gain knowledge as much as we can. 'Knowledge is Power'.
By having knowledge, insyaAllah, we can hardly be fooled by the people, able to differentiate between good and evil and manage to think wisely in complicated crisis. With high cognizance, Malaysian wouldn't have time to discuss about their unsatisfied feelings towards the government. *I will not discuss further on this post.

Other than gaining knowledge, try hard not to cause any social problems to our country. Stay away from drugs, be a positive people with a positive thinking that will lead you to at least, one positive outcome in your life. :)

So, lets spread peace and love. <3 Happy Independence Day! :)

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