015 : Green Ketupat

Wednesday, 31st August

Assalamualaikum and Happy Eidul Fitri to all viewers! How's your eid, pals? Hope it is filled with most faith to ALLAH SWT, forgiveness, smiles, laughs, joys, gratefulness and love. <3

So, here I am asking for forgiveness from all the people in this world who knows, me even for a split second. :P

My eid this year has been so meaningful as I was given a chance to celebrate it with my family, which no one can confirm I can celebrate this meaningful event with my loved ones again next year. Thank you, ALLAH. :)

This year, our big family picked purple as our outfit theme. The colour was suggested by my mom, the purple lover. :) Everyone was supporting, including my grandmother, by putting on purple baju kurung/baju Melayu, with various tones though. From Tuaran, after visiting the graves of some relatives *Actually, my family didn't join them as we got a little 'technical problem' so we went to a restaurant in Tuaran Town :3, we went to Kota Belud to visit my grandmother's sister, relatives and another graves there.

On the way back from Kota Belud, I saw him drove heading to Kota Belud. :3 *Still able to picture the scene. Haha

It's kinda sad because I only have a week to celebrate eid with my loved ones before flying back to  Selangor. Sigh.

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