026 : Pink February

Wednesday, 29th February

PINK FEBRUARY! Why is the February pink? I'm a February baby, so it should be pink, for me. :3 Guess what, I'm now 19 years old! 

Through my 9teen-year-old life, this is the first birthday I ever celebrated without my family. Yeah. It sounds sad but I tell you, it wasn't that bad. :)
I got too many surprises during my 9teen birthday!
So, there I was on my bed, inside my room, alone, on 7th February, 2359. Trying to sleep. When the clock displayed 0000, I got a mixture of feelings. I was sad because I'm getting older. I was happy because I survived in my 8teen-year-old life. The joy doubled when my loved ones sent me birthday wishes. He was the first though. Then we talked a lot through the phone. My house-mates were not at home. They were busy practising for traditional and creative art dancing competition. It was FESNI season in KTT, by the way.

In the morning, I was happy. Frankly, if possible I didn't want my classmates to acknowledge my birthday was on that day. My class was almost finished, earlier than the usual time because we got Chinese New Year celebration at noon. Suddenly, one of my Chinese friends stood up and said it was my birthday. So, everyone sang the birthday song for me. :) It was simple yet touching. So, I went back home. My house-mates, I wished they didn't know it was my birthday. I planned to make my day as normal as I could. Eagerly, I switched on my lappy and browse my e-mail, hoping to get the video he promised me last night. There it was, the sincerest birthday present I got from a boyfriend. Haha! The video was just a perfect present for someone in long distance relationship. I cried. Then, I cried. Again, I cried.

Suddenly, Mira, my house-mate asked me to accompany her to 9 Avenue to buy things they need for their dancing thingy. I agreed to follow because I've been rejecting almost all her invitation when she was planning to go out. To make the story short, my house-mates planned a mini birthday surprise, just for me, in Domino's Pizza! And yup, I was surprised until I dropped tears. How sweet of them to do something like that to this nothing me. They even got lovely birthday cards and gifts for me. :')
Mira gave me an exquisite necklace, comes with three combinations - beads, denim, chains.
Scya gave me a blouse, tagged purple but I think it's blue. :) Indigo, perhaps?
Zahidah gave me pinky peach small bag. It's lovely and elegant.

My parents, they wished me at midnight - several minutes late, though. :) My sister; she was being the sweetest sister ever for giving me a surprise too. She bought 'things' via online and asked the seller to send them to my address. :) The parcel actually contained a pink cute backpack and a pinky peach wallet for me. I was crazily happy! Alhamdulillah.. :D
Actually, in January, a day before my scheduled flight, my family conducted a surprise birthday celebration, a mini one, for me. I was busy doing my thing inside my room when they gathered in the kitchen to lit up the candles on my birthday cake. :) Parents even gave me a new hand phone for my birthday! It was Samsung Galaxy Ace. Thanks mom, thanks dad! <3 

My besties, as always, never forget to wish me and filled my day with their supporting and warm words. <3 Thanks girls! Looking forward to meet them!

Alhamdulillah.. I'm 19! Alhamdulillah.. May ALLAH SWT fills my age with eeman. <3