012 : The Month of Gold

Sunday, 31st July
When is exactly the month of gold? RAMADHAN it is! :D
Why is it full of gold? O.o  In this month, the rewards for all our good deeds are doubled! The doors of heaven are opened widely whilst the doors of hell are closed and all the devils are tied. :D
So, for me RAMADHAN is the month of peace.

We start to fast at dawn and will end with sunset. :) It's the month where we could and should change to a better person. We have to try the hardest to limit our eye sight, control our tongue from saying useless words, 'filter' our ears from hearing lies and bad stories about others. It's also a month of forgiving and forgetting the hurtful past. In this month, we should increase our generosity too. We ought to donate and give something to others as others have their rights in our property, this, many people do not notice. Giving others our sincerest smile is also a donation. So, keep on smiling! :D

So, let us thank ALLAH S.W.T for giving us a another year of meeting this precious month. Syukur Alhamdulillah~

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