027 : Pink APRIL

Monday, 4th June

Wow! It has been a long time since I have not updated my blog. :)
Currently having my end semester breaks, after more than 4 months have not seen my loved ones. I missed them a lot when I was away!

One happy story : I got something special from someone extraordinary. Ngee~

A pink watch and a diary.

Unfortunately, I had nothing to give to 'that person' in exchange. I'm heartily sorry. I looked and searched for something suitable for this 'event', yet useful for you but I can't find any. I appreciate this. I swear!

So, I'm going to 'expose' my opinion on having or wearing a watch.

Basically, watch helps to tell time. We are able to know the current time by looking at the watch. Digital watch makes life easier than the analogue watch. Most digital watches are designed to look sporty, sophisticated and active yet casual.
Analogue watches on the other hand, are designed to give the sweet look, catchy and mature attitudes. With sophistication, some watches give both types. :)

Besides helping to tell the current time, watch helps us to recall back memories. Yep. This works on me. As for one quite 'whatever' example, last Monday, you spent your day with your special one in a park, eating ice cream. You were being naughty by using the cremy ice cream to touch that special one's nose. Both of you were having fun and felt the happiness. You looked at your watch (I believe, most people who always wear watch will tend to refer at their watch spontaneously to see the time, without any concrite reasons). It showed 4.25pm. On the next day, when you realized it was around 4pm, you can recall almost 95% of the memories created yesterday.
Wearing colourful, assorted and interesting watches can emblazone your appearance and they can even change it. :)
The most important thing is a watch can remind yourself of how high the value of time is.

Time is running out, fellas! Let's make our best not to waste it. :)

026 : Pink February

Wednesday, 29th February

PINK FEBRUARY! Why is the February pink? I'm a February baby, so it should be pink, for me. :3 Guess what, I'm now 19 years old! 

Through my 9teen-year-old life, this is the first birthday I ever celebrated without my family. Yeah. It sounds sad but I tell you, it wasn't that bad. :)
I got too many surprises during my 9teen birthday!
So, there I was on my bed, inside my room, alone, on 7th February, 2359. Trying to sleep. When the clock displayed 0000, I got a mixture of feelings. I was sad because I'm getting older. I was happy because I survived in my 8teen-year-old life. The joy doubled when my loved ones sent me birthday wishes. He was the first though. Then we talked a lot through the phone. My house-mates were not at home. They were busy practising for traditional and creative art dancing competition. It was FESNI season in KTT, by the way.

In the morning, I was happy. Frankly, if possible I didn't want my classmates to acknowledge my birthday was on that day. My class was almost finished, earlier than the usual time because we got Chinese New Year celebration at noon. Suddenly, one of my Chinese friends stood up and said it was my birthday. So, everyone sang the birthday song for me. :) It was simple yet touching. So, I went back home. My house-mates, I wished they didn't know it was my birthday. I planned to make my day as normal as I could. Eagerly, I switched on my lappy and browse my e-mail, hoping to get the video he promised me last night. There it was, the sincerest birthday present I got from a boyfriend. Haha! The video was just a perfect present for someone in long distance relationship. I cried. Then, I cried. Again, I cried.

Suddenly, Mira, my house-mate asked me to accompany her to 9 Avenue to buy things they need for their dancing thingy. I agreed to follow because I've been rejecting almost all her invitation when she was planning to go out. To make the story short, my house-mates planned a mini birthday surprise, just for me, in Domino's Pizza! And yup, I was surprised until I dropped tears. How sweet of them to do something like that to this nothing me. They even got lovely birthday cards and gifts for me. :')
Mira gave me an exquisite necklace, comes with three combinations - beads, denim, chains.
Scya gave me a blouse, tagged purple but I think it's blue. :) Indigo, perhaps?
Zahidah gave me pinky peach small bag. It's lovely and elegant.

My parents, they wished me at midnight - several minutes late, though. :) My sister; she was being the sweetest sister ever for giving me a surprise too. She bought 'things' via online and asked the seller to send them to my address. :) The parcel actually contained a pink cute backpack and a pinky peach wallet for me. I was crazily happy! Alhamdulillah.. :D
Actually, in January, a day before my scheduled flight, my family conducted a surprise birthday celebration, a mini one, for me. I was busy doing my thing inside my room when they gathered in the kitchen to lit up the candles on my birthday cake. :) Parents even gave me a new hand phone for my birthday! It was Samsung Galaxy Ace. Thanks mom, thanks dad! <3 

My besties, as always, never forget to wish me and filled my day with their supporting and warm words. <3 Thanks girls! Looking forward to meet them!

Alhamdulillah.. I'm 19! Alhamdulillah.. May ALLAH SWT fills my age with eeman. <3

025 : Green Tambunan

Tuesday, 31st January

Last Chinese New Year holidays, I spent a day with my friends, former classmates to be exact, in TVRC, Tambunan. I TVRC stands for Tambunan Village Resort Centre. :)

TVRC offers visitors the experience of staying in traditional-type chalets made of split bamboo while enjoying the spring-like climate and peaceful nights of Tambunan.
This place is suitable for nature lovers.

For more information, do visit: http://tvrc.tripod.com/

I enjoyed fish-feeding activity. The fishes are huge! They looked healthy. When you pour the fish food little by little into the pond, they'll come up to the water surface with their sexy lips. Haha! Looked cute, though. People can have the chance to rent boats to 'discover' the big pond with lots of huge fishes. We went for a walk around the landscape there and took several pictures.

Actually, there is a lot more exciting places and activities offered in Tambunan but we just didn't have the opportunity to take them all.

024 : Green Kundasang

Tuesday, 31st January
For a student who studies far from her dwelling, like me, holidays are days we 'craving' for. It would be the happiest moment for us.
I just went back from Sabah after Chinese New Year holidays. Still feeling homesick, I push myself strong. I keep my self busy by joining the choir team for Wolverine. :) The next holiday for me would be in June, approximately, after my AS examination. Yep. This semester would be tougher than the first.

Forgetting this fact for a while, I wish to refresh sweet, beautiful memories I shared with my wonderful family. :) Last week, we went to Kundasang to enjoy the views of greenery, Mount Kinabalu, misty blue sky, which have made the bonds between us - mom, dad, sisters - getting tighter. I even laughed in tears, wishing the moment will stop, right there, when we laughed together, really loud, extremely happy, in daddy's car, after non-stop funny spontaneous 'events' and stories being told. :') I cried because I knew time will not stop there. Alhamdulillah.. Thank you ALLAH SWT. Thank you so much! :)

So, we went to Kinabalu Park, breathing in fresh air and took several pictures. We didn't go further inside to discover the place because we weren't thinking to. Maybe later? :)

Then, we went to Mesilau. Daddy just drove until we've found one, quite abandon Golf Club. The grass is not short enough for golfers. We stopped at the shoulder of the road and went down to feel the grass. That was daddy's idea because he is a golfer. The view of greenery was just too nice! Subhanallah.. :)

We also went to Desa Dairy Farm. Here, there were numbers of people, visiting the black-and-white cows. The scenery there was too beautiful with the green meadow, blue hills at the back sometimes covered with mist and clear happy sky. Came with the combo was the streaming of soft sunlight, which made our day close to perfect! :) By the way, the cows are big and healthy!

We even went to Poring Hot Springs, Ranau the next morning. The natural warm water felt so good when it covered almost all my body when I was inside the pool.

My days with my family were just too great. I hope GOD will give us another opportunity to gather happily. InshaaAllah.. :) Do love your family. They will be the people closest to you in this world and hereafter.

023 : Colourful New Year

Tuesday, 31st January

Hello 2012!

 So, it's 2012 already. Everybody is getting old. Another year older, another year wiser! :)
So, I went to my aunt's in Klang. They cooked a lot. Wow! I ate lots of delicious food! Alhamdulillah.. It's not celebrating. It was just a night where almost all family members can gather and had dinner together. :)

On 1st December 2012, my aunt's family and I went to Bukit Tinggi, Pahang. We visited the Colmar Tropicale, Berjaya Hill Resort. It is a French-themed resort. We were not staying there, just paying a visit and snapping pictures!

I got to see beautiful white and piquant black swans, just in front of my very eyes. I could even touch them if I had the courage but I hadn't.

 Then, we went to see rabbits, cute ones! :3

 Actually, Berjaya Hills offer so much more. They have other attractions which we didn't have the chance to discover on that day, such as the Japanese Village. Will do during the second visit, perhaps? :3

Love Malaysia! <3