010 : Sky-Blue for Cool

Sunday, 31st July
"Don't worry, I'm fine." :)

It has been more than a month since I left my beloved state, Sabah. I'm currently staring at my lappy screen, with my fingers keep on tapping the QWERTY board, inside my room which I share with one of my housemates, Amirah Atikah. :)

Kolej Teknologi Timur. It is the place where I meet many amazing, intelligent, cool and interesting people from all over Malaysia. It's where I have to gain knowledge as many as I can before sitting in the examination hall. A-level. It's the program I'm taking here. So far, the study is enjoyable, fun and interesting. Of course, it's harder than SPM. Duh~ It's obvious! :) But insyaAllah.. I'll give my very best.

I was having one fun orientation week here, as soon as I was officially registered as KTT's student.  I was in Group 7. The members were all sporting and happening~! :) I was having lots of fun knowing them and we were even closer when we were practicing our medley dance for the closure ceremony. I was quite proud to be in this group. We've won  second place for the Telematch and grabbed third place in the performance (medley dance). Overall, we were the second runner up~! :)

 This is my dance group.

We were starting to begin our study in the second week. I'm in ALL10. ALL10 is my class with another 27 intelligent persons. They are fun and fantastic but of course, I miss my former classmates. :) Here, I take four subjects, yep, only four brain-cracking subjects - Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics.

 Alhamdulillah~ So far, the story of my life here is quite interesting and fine. :) Hugs for mama and papa. :)

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