004 : As White as a Happy Cloud, as Sweet as a Candy.

Sunday, 08 May
As today, 8th of May, is a date selected by this country, Malaysia and many other countries around the world to celebrate Mothers' Day, I would like to give a prep talk about appreciation towards mothers. :)

First of all, syukur Alhamdulillah, GOD gives me the best mom in the world. Mother, I love you! :)

Do you know the pedigree of Mothers' Day? To be actual, there were so many 'histories' of this event and I could say most of them are religious issues. So, for Muslims, we are forbidden to celebrate something which is not appropriate to our Islamic views. But then, as today celebration is not more than appreciating our mothers, which is crucially taught by our religion, we can celebrate it. Terms and conditions are applied though. :)

We ought to celebrate it by conducting 'kenduri', in a modest way and of course, with good intentions. This day might be one suitable day to give moms surprises - cakes, gifts. Again, do not waste too much money on this as Islam teaches us to save money and to spend it wisely. Do say 'I love you, Mom'. Do thank our moms. Do say 'Sorry'. Actually, we can do all these things whenever we want. Moreover, Islam teaches us to do all these EVERYDAY. I mean, there's no need to wait for one specific day to act extra nice to moms. :)

So, let's make our moms happy. Love them. Appreciate them. Cherish them. Treasure them. <3

To my beloved mother, I love you. I always do. Your heart is as white as happy cloud and as sweet as candy. Again, I love you. Hope you really like my present. InsyaAllah.. I'll be a good daughter and will aid you now and hereafter. Ya Allah, please give my mom the happiness she deserves. Amin...

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