003 : Which Green Grass will I Choose?

Saturday, 30 April

Hey, viewers! :) In this third post, I would like to share a video. It's kinda nice but a bit nonsense. A bit, okay? Just a little tiny bit nonsense. :D 

So, how the video goes? Got something in mind? Does someone suddenly appear in your thought? :D
I do not know if students would even ask such thing to their teacher but the teacher sure is intelligent! The teacher's analogy has the points there.

"When we have met with someone we love, let us not search for more and be grateful. We should appreciate them. It's no use to look back as bygones will always be bygones. We could just hope that the past where we did commit mistakes will not be reiterated. And do 'jot down' in mind that the people with us now is the best and most beautiful person we could ever had, though actually, there are many other beautiful persons out there."

So, let us appreciate all the people who love us today! But, this situation is different when your partner now is obviously NOT even good to you. :D Can you get my point? >_<

To someone very dear to me, you are the BEST I could ever have.

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