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Thursday, 12th May

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Perpustakaan Wilayah Keningau and ended up borrowing seven books.
So, I would like to share my thoughts and opinions about some of the books I've read.

The first one was Golden by Cameron Dokey.
 "Her choice can break the spell . . ."

Well, this book was about a girl named Rapunzel, but not the one with long golden hair. Instead, she was bald. Yep, she was as bald as an egg. Her mother had made an entente with a sorceress long ago when she was pregnant. When Rapunzel was born, the was no single hair planted on her head and hence, her mother refused to love her. The sorceress knew the mother's heart and hence raised Rapunzel, like her own daughter. After years raising Rapunzel, she finally claimed the truth; she needed Rapunzel's help to aid her daughter who was trapped in a bastille which was enchanted by another wizard.

I think, I've told the story almost to the climax. :) You guys should read it, too. I say, I like this book. The language used, I mean, the sentences were easily understood and I've found new bombastic words here, in this book. :) Good job, Cameron Dokey.

Poison Ivy was the second book I read. It was written by Amy Goldman Koss.
"3 bullies, 2 points of view, 1 trial"

It was about a girl named Ivy, being bullied by three 'hotties'. As they were in the class of law, their teacher, Ms. Gold, asked them to turn their classroom into a court.

This book was fun as it used the everyday language. I mean, the phrases. Uniquely, Amy Goldman Koss used eight first-person narrators! It made the characters of this story ever so understandable. Sometimes, I found the story hilarious, too.

However, I really dislike this story. To be exact, I abhor the ending! I was mad when I've finished reading it. Amy Goldman Koss, I'm sorry to say this but I dislike it. Seriously. I really wanted a happy ending for the victim, Ivy but you made it impossible. The three hot girls won as they were hot. Can you accept this? Maybe she really had at least an explanation for this. Sigh! Furthermore, you put a plethora of unnecessary information. It made me wanted to skip the pages. :( Above all, I'm dissapointed with the ending. It seemed not clear.

Could it be I was the only one who do not understand the exact points that Amy Goldman Koss wish to highlight? Hmm...

I guess, I would only share those two books. :) Currently, I'm trying real hard to reach the last page of Rumour Has It by Jill Mansell.
"...that some people are better than others at keeping secrets"

So far, the story is quite 'comfy' and making me feel a bit contented and relax while reading it. :) Anyone who is interested in reading this book can visit Perpustakaan Wilayah Keningau or feel free to take a look at JULES ONLINE BOOKSTORE. This bookstore offers you the lowest price ever! So far, I haven't seen any bookstore selling books with such prices. Credits to my bestie for introducing me to this blog. Her recommendation is the best! :) You guys should visit the blog, especially my 'bookaholic' friends out there. :D

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  1. I've read the Golden too! Best cerita dia. :) And seriously yg second tue begitu ending dia? Bidanya. -_- Mgkn penulis dia mo bwat ending yg bukn stereotype.