030: Orange-White-Green Flag of India

August 23rd, Friday

Alhamdulillah, we've reached India safely after about two hours and thirty minutes of flight from Kota Kinabalu bound for Kuala Lumpur and another four-hour-and-thirty-minutes flight to Bangalore, one of the big cities in India.
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It was 11PM something in India. That was the first time for me to breathe the air in India. It felt. . . different. Honestly. I can't brain what's the difference actually. Was it fresher than that of Malaysia? I could not tell. Everyone was busy waiting for their luggage, mostly filled with clothes and food supplies, to be put on the belt. I still remember what my heart felt at that very moment. It was heavy but at the same time, it was filled with determination and high spirit to start the 'journey' of grabbing the 'Dr.' title so that I can go back Malaysia faster. Huh. I was trying to divert as much attention as I can from thinking about home. I made myself busy with anything I could.

Yenepoya Dental College, Mangalore. U'huh. That's the name of the institution I'm currently attending with my other 9 batch-mates. It is located quite far away from Bangalore; about 10-12 hours journey by road and almost one hour by flight.

So our next flight to Mangalore will be on the next morning, early morning it was. Hence, we ought to stay in a hotel for only 3-4 hours. Alhamdulillah, we've finally reached Mangalore airport, situated about 50 minutes from our college. The journey we took by our college bus provided by our generous and kind seniors allowed me to peek through the window of India.

The ROAD, the highway.
It was bumpy, dusty and narrower that what we've here in Malaysia. Reddish brown soils are everywhere. Dusty, dusty, dusty. I was rainy season so there were many pools of mud you can find on the side of the road. The bus conductor was sleeping soundly on a chair in front of us. We were wondering how can he sleep in this bumpy ride? Oh. I forgot to mention one thing. HONK. It is not INDIA if honking sounds are not heard. Like seriously, your ears are filled with nothing but the sound of the shaking window glass, thanks to the bumpy road, and the sound of the honk from every each of the vehicles on the road.

My mind. I was tired even on that early morning. Perhaps, sadness will drain your energy away just like that. When you are sad, all your muscles are not in the mood of doing anything. Despite of thinking of going back, however, I've said to myself that I can't go home often because the journey is tiring and not that easy. Based on that, I can shoo away the homesickness inside of me.

Reached hostel safely around 10am after passing through the most challenging road I've ever encounter in my life so far.  It's bumpy with small hills located here and there, few pools of mud and gravel roads on some parts. The funny part is we have to get through this road whenever we wish to go out of hostel. But seriously, we laughed at this fact. Challenge accepted!

So far, we are all safe and free from diarrhea. The local menu such as 'idli', 'parotha', 'samosa', 'briyani' and some other food are bearable. In fact, they are delicious! Well, except for idli, I like most of the food. We are actually lucky to dwell in Mangalore because halal and nice, delicious food are so easy to get. Alhamdulillah.

Indian in India. So far, I think they are quite friendly but they do like to stare and they stare a lot. Some of their behaviors will give you the pain in your neck. You have to be patience, especially in management matter. Most of the time. You need to keep on pushing them in order to get your work done. If not, they will take forever to finish it. =_="

Actually there are so many things to be shared but my fingers are too lazy to keep on tapping the keyboard, my eyes need to rest. Oh, have I told you that our classes are held from Monday to Saturday? Yup, 6/7. Huhu.. Clearly, I've no time to idling around and wasting time.

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