028 : Sterling Gray

Tuesday, 22nd January

It has been a long time. My blog has been abandoned for a period of time. Just hope it's not haunted. Hee!

So, referring to the century calendar, it's 2013!
Goodbye 2012. You've been a year with two fistfuls of experiences, a spoon full of sad stories and some sprinkles of happiness. :) Alhamdulillah.. You've also been a year I filled with success. I've finished my foundation programme with flying colours! The results are out today. Alhamdulillah.. All my results are not that excellent but they are sufficient to make me step onto the next flight of stairs to reach the sky. OK it's too dramatic actually. Not the sky, to be frank, but the______________. *I can't even fill it in for myself.

Though the quantity of sadness (let's just pretend sadness is countable. ;)) I've experienced is greater than the happiness I desiderated for, the sprinkles of happiness are able to outweigh the sadness. :D
So, I bet I must be stronger now. Haha!

Actually, I just got back from a 'vacation' with my former house-mates in KTT (13th-20th). They went here, my dwelling, in Keningau, Sabah.

So, here's the summary:

Day 1 : My parents and I, along with my sister fetched them from LCCT. Reached home when the clock showed 18++.

Day 2 : Went to Sabah Agriculture Park, Tenom. It was close actually but the men were kind. They let us in, not for free though.

Day 3 : Went to meet Hanim, our college-mate. She also lives in Keningau. Her family treated us to lunch! I ate Nasi Goreng Payau. I ate some pieces of venison and guess what, they tasted so good. :) Went to Keningau Handicraft Centre and Hanim's house. Her mother gave us two wraps of delicious Roti John for free! :D

Day 4 : Went to Kota Kinabalu. Stayed in Tang Dynasty Plaza Hotel. We went shopping at Handicraft Market. We bought some accessories and shirts. Then, we spent the evening at Tanjung Aru Beach with my sister. We even tried the '5D Adventure'. It was funny!

Day 5 : We went to Handicraft Market, again. As we passed 'through' Centre Point Shopping Mall to get there, I bought a pair of new Sterling Gray contact lenses. *Wink wink! Then, we went to Tanjung Aru, again, after taking lunch at Grace Point. Spent the evening at Jesselton Point. Went to the Observatory Tower and bought dinner at somewhere in Tg. Aru area. I've found the biggest burger ever! :)

Day 6 : Went to Sapi Island. I did nothing but enjoy the day with the spectacular view of the nature. They went snorkelling and sea-walking. Then, after having lunch at Jesselton Point, we went to fetch my sister at IPG Kampus Gaya. Spent the evening in 1Borneo Shopping Mall after stopped for a while at Masjid UMS. On the way to my village in Tuaran, we spent several minutes at Upside-down House (Rumah Terbalik). Haha!

Day 7 : Went to Canopy Walk in Poring Hot Springs. :) The weather was not so good. We didn't have the chance to see the cows in Desa Dairy Farm.
Day 8 : Woke up early. Sent them to LCCT. :)

No doubt, it feels so good to hang out with your friends. And it's also very reanimating to spend the days out in the sun. :) Thank you for coming, girls!

By the way, my bestie's birthday was last Sunday. Happy Birthday, Elsa! You're a happy '20'! You'll get your present soon! :) <3

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