027 : Pink APRIL

Monday, 4th June

Wow! It has been a long time since I have not updated my blog. :)
Currently having my end semester breaks, after more than 4 months have not seen my loved ones. I missed them a lot when I was away!

One happy story : I got something special from someone extraordinary. Ngee~

A pink watch and a diary.

Unfortunately, I had nothing to give to 'that person' in exchange. I'm heartily sorry. I looked and searched for something suitable for this 'event', yet useful for you but I can't find any. I appreciate this. I swear!

So, I'm going to 'expose' my opinion on having or wearing a watch.

Basically, watch helps to tell time. We are able to know the current time by looking at the watch. Digital watch makes life easier than the analogue watch. Most digital watches are designed to look sporty, sophisticated and active yet casual.
Analogue watches on the other hand, are designed to give the sweet look, catchy and mature attitudes. With sophistication, some watches give both types. :)

Besides helping to tell the current time, watch helps us to recall back memories. Yep. This works on me. As for one quite 'whatever' example, last Monday, you spent your day with your special one in a park, eating ice cream. You were being naughty by using the cremy ice cream to touch that special one's nose. Both of you were having fun and felt the happiness. You looked at your watch (I believe, most people who always wear watch will tend to refer at their watch spontaneously to see the time, without any concrite reasons). It showed 4.25pm. On the next day, when you realized it was around 4pm, you can recall almost 95% of the memories created yesterday.
Wearing colourful, assorted and interesting watches can emblazone your appearance and they can even change it. :)
The most important thing is a watch can remind yourself of how high the value of time is.

Time is running out, fellas! Let's make our best not to waste it. :)

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