025 : Green Tambunan

Tuesday, 31st January

Last Chinese New Year holidays, I spent a day with my friends, former classmates to be exact, in TVRC, Tambunan. I TVRC stands for Tambunan Village Resort Centre. :)

TVRC offers visitors the experience of staying in traditional-type chalets made of split bamboo while enjoying the spring-like climate and peaceful nights of Tambunan.
This place is suitable for nature lovers.

For more information, do visit: http://tvrc.tripod.com/

I enjoyed fish-feeding activity. The fishes are huge! They looked healthy. When you pour the fish food little by little into the pond, they'll come up to the water surface with their sexy lips. Haha! Looked cute, though. People can have the chance to rent boats to 'discover' the big pond with lots of huge fishes. We went for a walk around the landscape there and took several pictures.

Actually, there is a lot more exciting places and activities offered in Tambunan but we just didn't have the opportunity to take them all.

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