020 : Black Cinema

Monday, 31st October

Hey! Do you guys like to watch movies?  Where do you prefer to watch it? Are you an updated person, who has the excitement to watch any new movies during their 'hot' moments, at the cinema?
Or maybe, you are someone who is exuberant in downloading latest and high rated movies, for FREE through the Internet, and watch it in the most comfortable way in your draughty room. :) No hard feeling.
As for myself, I am a not-interested-in-staring-electronic-screens-for-too-long person. :) It is not that I HATE it. I just cannot glue my eyes to that kind of stuffs for a long period of time. I rarely watch TV, but I like movies. Going to the cinema is the last thing I want to do if I am about to have fun for myself.
I dislike watching large screen in a dark room. The speakers volume, argh, I'm not comfortable with. Sometimes, the air-conditioners freak me out. Too cold. But having friends by our side while watching that huge screen is one of memories which we will keep, right?
So, I went to watch movie with my cousin in a cinema, located inside a mall in Cheras, last month. I forget the name of the mall. =,=. It wasn't my first time though. So, my cousin picked Final Destination 5. Haha! I think I spent most of my time staring at the ground and closed my eyes when it came to 'ridiculous' incidents. The screen was too large for my eyes to bare with the striking lights. My comment for Final Destination 5: I was kinda amazed with how the director ended that series. :)
Then, I stayed at my cousin's home in Selayang. A day after watching that F. D 5, we went to 1Utama Mall to watch another movie with his pregnant wife. :) They planned to search for babies' outfits and watch Johnny English Reborn movie. The cinema was full but got one empty chair beside me though. :P In my opinion. the movie was not that funny because his (English's) actions were kinda 'silly' for me. I'm not into it. But thanks for making me laughed because I thought I should. =,=

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