008 : Colorful Stamps

Thursday, 9th June
Hobby. I would define hobby as an activity which I am pleased to do as I find it passionate and enjoyable. Usually, one tends to 'create' its own hobby during its leisure time. :) Hurm... Okay. This entry is kinda childish but I am happy to share my passions. :) I have lots of hobbies. One of them is collecting miscellaneous stuffs - stamps, sticker, stationary and many more.

These two are my stamp albums.

So far, I only manage to fill two albums with a total of 226 stamps, more or less. I've started this hobby since I was 9 years old, if I'm not mistaken. It happened when my eyes caught a glimpse of attractive stamp pasted on the top-right edge of one envelope. Then, mom suggested me to keep it and start my collection. :)

Collecting stamps. Yeps, everyone might finds it as one boring and common hobby. I was, at first. However, after collecting those square and colorful, thin, small papers, I fell in love and it has become my passion. They have different colors and pictures which are, some, educational. I could know the scientific names of several flowers, fruits and animals. I could also learn Malaysia's cultures. :) You know, it's fun to browse around the pages of the albums.

These two are some of my favorites.

They are absolutely attractive, aren't they? <3 Have you ever watched Kampung Boy the Series? Its illustrator owns that second stamp, I mean, it's his handwork. :)
Beside local stamps, I also have a little number of collection of foreign stamps. I can't remember well from where did I get them. Some of them are from Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. :)

As you can see, it's definitely not one monotonous hobby, after all. :) So, dear friends out there, if you would like to exchange stamps with me or perhaps helping me to collect more stamps, feel free to contact me. :)

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