002 : One Colorful Event.

Saturday, 23 April

On the 9th April, my former high school, SM Saint Francis Xavier had conducted one big event. It was a bazaar. There were more than 20 stalls if I am not mistaken, selling fried chicken, nasi lemak, nasi minyak, ice cream, fruits, drinks and many other stuffs! There were even games organized by Police Cadet Association, Basketball Club, Ping Pong Club and other clubs.. Besides that, anyone was allowed to sing or 'jam' in the Bauer Hall, if and only if they paid for it. :D

Visitors had to buy coupons in order to buy the items sold in the stalls. I spent RM20 that day and I tell you it was not enough! There were many other things I didn't manage to buy. :( Anyway, this big event was inaugurated by Datuk Seri Panglima Haji Musa bin Haji Aman, Sabah's Chief Minister. This was sure one big event.

I came there in the afternoon with my bestie, Nazihah. :) We managed to capture several pictures  to share.

This is a funny picture of us, outside the school washroom. :)
We went playing games and buying foods.

These pretty girls along with this dashing boy were selling stuffs like soft drinks and fruits. I like this stall because they sold my favorite soft drink, chrysanthemum tea and my favorite fruit, pineapple! :D
 Below is the picture of me, eating strawberry ice cream. :)

And this is the pictures of my bestie! :D

Oh! And these are the pictures of a very cute and adorable boy!

He is Teacher Stella's son. He is cute, isn't he? :D
And  these are random pictures. :)

In a nut shell, I had had a nice day that day and I believe everyone did too. The event sure brought smiles and joys to the teachers, students and visitors. Well done Saint Franciscans! :)

Arnold H. Glasow said, "Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."
Hence, I believe that all Saint Franciscans really travailed for weeks to make sure the event went well as planned. :)


  1. Ee. Saya malu nie tengok muka sy sendiri. Kikiki. :P

  2. hee. ok pun naz.. i like! :D